Peace Of A Prophet Of God

One day I wondered
I sat, and I pondered
What are the benefits of Faith in God
I tried to write down all the good I could

So I thought and thought
There were so much more
But peace was one
Peace in one’s mind

They say peace is for the peaceful
The wealthy and pious
Where there is peace it is highest for living
And there is kindness

But wealth does not always mean peace
Sometimes peace is in the mind
Or knowledge that is useful
Or good deeds and rest

So I set out on a quest
I would find how to define peace
Well, it was difficult as peace is like the heart
the heart is for staying alive and also a metaphor for emotions and love

Was it the absence of warfare or achieving fairness and freedom?
But what I wanted was the peace that a prophet of God has
The peace that means tranquillity and sereneness in the heart
Contentedness, calmness, harmony in the soul

But lack of war would also do, and be wise
As war brings the demise of happiness and faith
With love to all, peace brings all through life
And faith gets destroyed at unholy acts in war

War be it with people or God
Both ways, there is no true victory
With regret and bad deeds, one is enslaved to pride in idols
And with haughtiness and contempt the pens will write one’s end

What about the misery caused
Of harm to self and others who could have been your friends
None can truly compensate except God, the compassionate
And war with God the same, it’s but war with his friends

So war is no good, not for I, nor a holy prophet of God
But can peace be truly defined?
Peace means salvation and living in bliss of heaven
Is peace here or there or everywhere?

Since faith in God is peace for the believers in him
With good deeds, one becomes more peaceful and serene
Both lead to peace, faith and good deeds
Perhaps both are synonymous or the same thing

Can it be true that faith is that gained through good deeds?
Of good thoughts and feelings and sayings and doings
And good deeds gained through faith?
Of doing things with peace with the supreme

Making an ever-increasing effect
Of peacefulness in God’s friends
And perhaps the true wealth of heaven
The wealth where good deeds are counted properly and promptly

With peace with God being the key
To an abode full of peace and for peace
Where there is no war, no bad deeds, no anger at God
What a sweet creation and system of God

To lay the path to himself with flowers
Some think roses with thorns
Or thorns looking like roses
Or even worse, a non-existing path to destruction

But they are mistaken
and see their own backwards path away from God
that of war and anger at him
and gradual loss

So I defined peace,
Peace is to live in heaven, even though one is here in the world
And is to be in love and union with God, the most lovely and kind
And to do good deeds, deeds for God

So I wrote down peace as one benefit to faith in God
But there were more
There were so many more
Some not even known or knowable by me

There were justice and fairness
What laws and care would one need to uphold
To address the unbalanced inequalities of the world?
There were inequality of wealth

All sorts and shapes thereof
Of money and race
Of gender and faith
Of societal worth, and care of those who people hate

Would justice and fairness be components of faith?
With religions there is laws aplenty
Religion is no amateur in having laws for all aspects of life
Some laws made by God, some made by the scholarly religious minds

But does it achieve what the highest standard is
Sometimes yes and sometimes not
But that doesn’t mean the goal of the believer is anything but such
To strive for justice and fairness is to be on the side of God

It is insanity to believe that God is on the side of the wrong
Because one is this way or that
Or has more wealth in terms of race or religion or money
To hold the less desirable by society to be worthless

If anything, God is with the poor
The downtrodden and the hated by all
Poor in wealth of all sorts,
Why is that?

Because the wealthy are the poor
And the poor the wealthy
One side humbled and one side haughty
Haughty is God the highest one

The poor achieve faith as God loves the humble towards him
And one side achieves his anger at their hoarding
But true wealth is that of heaven and faith in God
It is opposite to what some might like

Some would want to be wealthy here, and think if there is hereafter
Due to wealth, they would have done better deeds
And had a better mood, better knowledge and things
They think that if there is a hereafter, they would be far ahead

But the poor with their very minor deeds
Do it with faith in God the supreme
And know their true state as a weakling of a being
When God is powerful and the most wealthy above all beings

What people do not realise is that the wealth of the world is useless for the
What is charity but a duty, not an extra deed
Half of wealth given in poverty much more sign of mercy than in wealth
Thus poor are far ahead as each deed might be worth so much more

The world wants the wealthy to become wealthier
And the poor poorer comparatively
But the aim of faith in God is to reduce this injustice
And create more equality for the poor

The world wants the poor to be poor in the religious sense
And the wealthy the wealthy in religious sense
But God is different as he hates evil, and this is one evil of the world
He tells in scriptures glad tidings to the poor

Pursuing justice and fairness in the world
Are most of the time possible for the wealthy
And much less so for the poor
Is that true justice in the world?

Nay, to have justice and fairness for the poor in heaven
Will be true justice and a righting of a wrong
And they will be far ahead
And God will be on their side

Therefore justice and fairness is part of faith in God
As God is for both and he teaches them to all in the Quran
To be a good believer is, therefore, to master both things
Justice and fairness for all, even the poor

And as poverty can be in all things
It is to look after the downtrodden
The hated and the despised
The low ranking, low-status people of the world

Then I came to the realisation that I had forgotten to write
What might be the most important of all
Truth itself, as one benefit of faith
Faith in truth and truth of faith

Following truth is what God wants
Not idolatry nor denial of science nor weird practices of some,
Practices that are totally wrong and against animal rights
Or should I say human rights

Animals are humans, and humans are animals
We are all alike,
We should not be eating some and worshipping others
Even when done under a religious guise

Breeding some for their bodies
And killing in a ritualistic manner
Thinking it is made alright or even good
After the poor thing suffers

We have no murder for each other
Why not our selves who are a bit different
Was it their choice or your choice that you were born this or that kind of
Things change, and time passes

Not many ate meat all the time those days
Perhaps kings or wealthy among them
Now look at the world; more beings are being born on this planet
For the consumption of the average kings

Leading to deforestation and greenhouse gases
To suffering of so many in industrial farming
And in industrial slaughter-houses
To genetic breeding that creates them beings for nothing but consumption
of the masses

Then there are the rituals of harm of children and women
Of domestic violence justified through the reading of scripture
With boys being circumcised against their wishes
When they are babies, who can ask them then?

Not mentioning circumcision for girls
Who are mutilated for some hope of future piety that is baseless
Or the forcing of all women to wear clothes
That makes them more like ghosts

How so you might ask, by making people believe it is in the scriptures
Because women will do it and say it is for God’s love
While both not understanding that women have the same rights
Or they should if they only understood

Let’s grow in faith and put this slavery aside
Slavery to each other rather than God
Slavery to idols of books and men
Of old age or long dead

Let’s also abolish slavery for the world
What is classified as the slavery of old
Also, slavery to objects
Materialism and secularism are of worldly nonsense

Some worship the holy people
Whether Jesus or a saint or buddha or some cow or rat that they hold dear
They think God is concentrated in their person or their person is God
Or that they are part of the one God who is now in parts

Would it be three or one
Or one in three
Or a one cut into three pieces so that it makes one and three pieces at the
same time
I ask, define what is three, this number 3?

Some go to the graveyard to pray for the saint
Or pray to the saint for favours
Or they bring the graveyard into the house of worship
What is it but taking the house of worship to the graveyard

Or they say to worship this idol, we are just showing respect
And our desire to be good and holy like the person it represents
But what is prostration and bowing to a statue but worship of an idol
It is not going to make you anything but an idoliser of a dead person

Have you seen celebrity worship?
Do they like it when they are holy?
What is an idol but any that is not God
Whether they be alive or long dead and or represented by a statue

Was this miracle case of human, anything but human?
If he was God, why was he limited to a human’s doing?
And now not able to defend their doings?
Why not say he is everywhere and all-powerful, does all things and is
purely good?

But wait, that would be God!
Are they willing to believe in one ultimately powerful God?
Then I am with them
But they will not admit

As this is the goal of Islam
To have faith in one God
The ultimate the supreme
And to worship only him

Some think themselves on truth
Arrogant and haughty for nothing but their rejection of God, who is the
Not understanding that they are denying everything in existence,
including truth and ethics
Yet not knowing what they believe and making up incoherent lies as tenets
of their beliefs

While they have such high self-esteems that they harm
Anyone they think is wrong, especially if they have faith in God
They are into wrong
as they deny other people’s intellect and emotional and human rights

They think to be the superior but are not so
As no one is superior but in humbleness to the God of the world
Nor is a person superior based on the era they are born
Nor based on how much knowledge they have about their scientific head
of a pin

Following truth is a benefit for believers
For those with faith in God, the beneficent, the benevolent
And not those who plagiarise following the truth while in fact
Don’t truly believe there is a truth

So I wrote down truth and then came to my mind piety
Without piety, a holy person is a sinner
Piety makes everything in life better
And I believe heaven is for angels only

Angels are regarded by some to be beings made out of light
Or beings of heaven that worship without stop
These things might be right, but what if they are believer beings who have
pass on
Who do not die as they were high believers of God

Beings like holy believers of human-kind
Like Jesus, who is said to have been resurrected
Perhaps they become angels as God raises them up to himself
They cannot be said to have died as death with God means disbelief in

Perhaps the second coming of Jesus has already happened
Not for just Jesus but all holy believers in God
All gone to heaven as angels to worship God
And are waiting for the devout believers to join them as angels

I believe judgment day is two, one after death and one on the last day of it
As says in the Quran
As some go to heaven after their death in the Quran
And some will be resurrected then be forgiven and go to heaven, and
some let’s not talk about it

Who would think any but angels live in heaven
It cannot be that naughty humans get to be in heaven doing naughty
But one thing is left
What do we know about God?

Godology must be a heavenly field of knowledge
With no one understanding God but an insignificant amount
As God is the only infinite
Nay, higher than that

Angels must call God the highest angel
And beings the highest being
Perhaps if the whole creation could talk,
It would call God like itself

All think of him as what they see in the mirror
Not knowing much but thinking themselves knowing
God is no evil dictator; that is for certain
He has not forced all to believe and worship him

But what is God?
Who is God?
Where is God?
These are questions for God. No one has the answer!

If someone tells you they know
Know that they are not knowing of the answer
They should ask God
Or you or I ask God and hope for an answer

A sort of answer can be derived from the scriptures and thought
And even if we get an answer from God
Who knows the ultimate reality and truth but God
And would the whole truth reveal itself to you or I just from us asking?

Nay, it would not, let’s not be haughty
God is God and will always will be
A mystery above mysteries and further than we can see and understand
It is but a fool who says they know everything

To then go on to say evil about God or that he is not there
What foolish philosophical nonsense
Yet they think their insignificant degree
And published papers entitles them to say this,

Evil is a problem for themselves
Not for anyone else
As God recompensates with heaven
And not those who he hates,

So I sat some more,
Everything off my chest
Wondering what the next benefit would be
Yet realising that the book has somewhat written itself

So it is time for publishing
And patience
As some might not like what I have written
Just know if you are upset, progress comes like this

Whether they are called prophets or a satans
It is just names people give
But it is to the benefit of faith in God that I wrote this
And I challenge you to write better! Really do write better please!

And let’s worship God
The holy and wise
Worship him as much as possible
As he is deserving of worship by believers.

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