If I Was A Prophet

Once there was a girl,
Not so long ago,
Well, it was not in the future,
As everyone knows.

The girl was in a class,
A class in a school,
And you know how schools are,
Sometimes boring and sometimes good.

One day her teacher,
A wonderful woman,
Did not know what she was doing,
And asked the class a question.

If you could be anything in the world,
What would you be?
They all thought hard,
They all knew not much about far.

Some answered a fireman,
Some answered other fun things,
She thought, well, I would want to be,
A prophet of God.

So the teacher was amazed,
Not knowing a thing about her faith,
But she said you all should go-ahead,
And you might get there one day.

So time past and I don’t know how long,
But it wasn’t long as they all were still young,
She sat behind her computer and investigated,
How do I become a prophet of God?

She searched and searched,
But all she could find,
Was that all the ones were in the past,
And all were men with a few women here and there.

So she said I need some more time,
I need to be a pioneer of a woman,
I need to realise how to be a prophet of God,
And I need to keep at this exercise.

Not a physical exercise she was mentioning,
But a tapping of the keyboard and the reading of things,
Perhaps there was a solution to the world’s problems,
Just within her fingertips.

She thought if I become a prophet,
I will solve all the problems,
And guide people to God,
And they will have a splendid time.

So after many years of searching,
Many years in the age of her childhood,
So perhaps a few weeks or months,
She realised from the scriptures her solution.

She just needed to worship and believe in God,
And be a righteous person,
Hopefully, then God would choose her,
And she will be a wonderful prophet.

So she set about learning to worship,
She did lots of repentance and bowing.
She talked to God and asked for guidance,
And lo and behold, she heard things that she cannot tell any mortal.

She was a high girl, that is for sure,
She always was and would love to be even more.
But this was a miracle, she quietly said,
And she rested in her bed.

Soon she would know her world would change,
Things that were not real were upon her head.
They thought she was crazy, that is, her parents and all.
But they did lots of tests, and there was nothing to show.

She did not mention what was happening,
But her wisdom went through the roof,
Well, not literally as nothing happened,
Nor did she have any proof.

Then she investigated some more,
As people wanted miracles, if she was someone you know.
But she read scriptures and realised some prophets,
Did not even know they were prophets in the world.

She realised that she had found it.
To be a prophet was simple,
Believe in God and do good deeds as much as possible.
Be a good person and worship God.

So she thought she might share her news with her friends,
She and he and they and them.
She told people, but they were not really there,
They did not understand what a prophet was or what she meant by God.

So eventually, she came across some religious people in the school,
And she told them that she was a prophet of God.
They said different things,
Some hurtful, some not.

Some said our prophet was the last,
And prophets are not girls,
Some said she was lying,
Some said that she was ill.

Some said it was their idol that had chosen her,
Or that she is possessed by some evil thing.
She got sad that people were so,
And she knew that adults were even more,

So she sat and sat some more,
I won’t tell you that there was sadness,
As she was a strong girl.
And she had knowledge that not many had ever in the world.

She decided to write a holy book of wisdom,
And give it to the world.
She did just that,
And soon, it went viral.

The children in the school all wanted to be a prophet of God.
She was famous among a few,
She realised that she had made a religion,
And the religion was good.

She had written so much good,
To worship God and nothing else,
About the environment, gender rights, love for all and growth of faith,
But she still was not liked by many, and she could not care.

Time passed, and she did the best she could at the school,
Although many adults were worried,
But they blamed her young age,
But did not know she was no fool.

Time passed, and she kept at it; she learned and wrote,
Until time passed and no one cared about her anymore,
She was no ordinary child anymore,
She was a prophet of God with things to show.

She had a few friends; hey, it could be worse,
But she loved them, and they loved her, and they were her world.
And moreover, there was a heaven,
And she was ready for all things, even the sad things in life.

The most important thing, though, was
She was in love with God.
She was a prophet like she wanted,
And she had the pleasure of God.

So she told me her story,
Or maybe I was there with her through it,
Wait is she you or is it a made-up story.
Well, it is a secret as these things are.

But what is possible is all things with God,
Let’s not forget that and make our life wrong.
Let’s all try to be prophets of God,
God’s lovers and beloved.

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