Haby Hud

If I was a fish
In the sea
Or mouse in the house
Or a moose or a goose

Would I be able to believe in God
Of course
They say animals are animals
They are not, you know, human animals

But there was once an animal
Far in the future
on a planet like Earth
he was something like a human-animal

yet everything was different there
as is here
but most things the same
as you know, animals are animals

they had spaceships
and teleporters
and phasers and lasers
forcefields and food appearing out of thin air

yet they were different
much nicer and friendlier
but a bit less intelligent
and somewhat like an alien

one day out of the blue
something happens to this friendly person
who we call Haby Hud
he starts talking to a person of Earth

the world of Earth was different
there were transport like carts called cars
computers of ancient times
what a miserable life

belief in God was, however, exactly the same
few people truly believed in God, yet the reasons the same
science more progressed here, he thought
but ultimate truth not available at all

So one day, the happy person from Earth
Who he was talking to these days
Asked him if he believed in God?
Haby Hud sighed and said I do not know yet

So he investigated
He heard debates of old and new
And many opinions of all
Downloaded to his computer in his brain

In a short while
He had all the knowledge he wanted
Including of Earth
Regarding everyone’s opinion of whether there was a God

It was quite a fight
But both sides had arguments that the other side could not answer
Yet in his wisdom and laws, he knew to respect all
And his age or 10 by Earth’s orbits was relatively young

It occurred to him one question
Why had he not taken the time to investigate
This deep question when he was so busy with life
He thought he had a long time till he got into this

Yet his life was quite dull
All scientific work and no play
Made him wealthy yet not satisfied
So he set to it to become a believer in God

He left his investments
And donated to the poor
An amount equal to few Earths full of gold
he knew that he had to be less secular-minded in the world

He met his friends
Who teleported to his house
They liked talking like the ancient times
They figured let us go and see this earthling of a man

So don’t worry, they didn’t do evil
They just looked in their computer and saw the man
The man was quite ill and poor
Yet he thought he was a prophet of God

They thought to help out
Yet they couldn’t do very much
As it would interfere with how Earth worked
And no one would want that

So they thought we will just learn
As he seems to have a connection to God and heaven
They observed and observed
Yet they were not quite sure if it was true

As who knew the truth these days
Miracles were everywhere
Miracles created by science
Of hard work and sweat

Where Haby Hud was
many in the know were becoming convinced
That the man was actually a prophet of God
But many thought it not important as there were more important things to do

Like preventing asteroids and other evil in the world
And ruling the universe and preventing the end of it all
But Haby Hud thought differently
He set on a quest

He was going to believe as this earthling of a friend
He wanted prophethood and to be talking to God
He had much to say and much to learn from the Almighty one
So he did what he could, and sometime after that, he was there

He learned that God did not like the world
As he knew how evil it was
And that there is hereafter and heaven for his beloveds
He learned to do good and think and feel good things

And the earthling man he sometimes talked to
Whose name was Larry Parry
Set out to change things in the world for the better
So they lived out their life as best as they could

Larry’s illness gradually improved
He started getting back to his life
And doing good deeds for God
He didn’t get far and eventually died of old age

Haby Hud lived on as they were different to Earth
But when he found out that Larry had died, he was sad
Yet also happy inside
As he knew good people go to heaven after they die

But Haby Hud didn’t know what to do with his life
He had so long to live something like maybe a million years of Earth
So he asked around, and they all told him the same
That he should be patient and do good deeds till the end

So Haby Hud decided to do lots of good
He was intelligent and did not do evil
He became important and famous to all the people
And his wealth grew and grew

So one day, he realised if it is good deeds that determine one’s worth in life
Then the wealthy have it good
They have fun, good things and more good deeds than the poor
So he became sad once he understood that

Haby Hud started donating all the money he had, and he was very wealthy now
They told him he might die of not having this and that
He had done his best to change the world and get rid of evil
But the world was inherently not going to be anything but bad

That is where the story ends, as the rest is a bit sad
My friend Haby donated till he couldn’t afford his immortal life anymore
He died of old age like those on Earth
After some time, he ended up being a venerated holy person, which he wouldn’t have liked

We keep telling people that he was like everyone else
And somewhat naughty and stupid
But some don’t care
And now his statue is there.

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