A Real Prophet

There once was a man far away
Who was good at supplicating God
But in a different way

He would go on a mountain and pray
May God give me intellect
Not to climb so high that I may fall from here

He would eat meat while being a vegetarian
And pray, oh God may no one ever eat meat ever again
What a terrible thing it is to make animals suffer this way

He would do all sort of things and pray a prayer
Some thought him mad some stayed far away
He called it his way, and what a wonderful way for him

But not for others in the town of New Spring
One day he got holier as some thought
He screamed out his prayers at the top of his voice

His beard was as long as his height
He drank soup and bread most of the time
And he had a funny hat on the head

He would say any can become a prophet like the prophets of old
And change the world and create reform
But to the village, he was not much of a man

Yet he was always into truth and ethics
And books of facts
He was fearless of others, and yet he was nice

He became modern and religious; he tried to speak as such
He said no to racism, materialism and equality of all
He denied some of his previous thoughts that were from prophets of old

He taught against violence, grumpiness and arrogance
He made his own way again
With good thoughts, feelings and deeds, he won the hearts of many

After much contemplation and repentance to God
He thought I can be a prophet, a real prophet at that
So he thought and thought and thought some more

But he could not be a prophet at all
He needed miracles and a mission and all
But what he did not realise was prophethood meant God’s friend and nothing more

He knew so much already from both the new and the old
He just had to worship
He had to take friendship with God seriously

So he did, and he gave it all he had
So he stood in pray too long, and he washed too many times
But he realised he had not understood religion the first time

He needed more guidance, and that is what I gave
I told him to take it easy and do what is best
Whether that is rest or eating or having some fun

It is not that people will die that they need to take care of their life
But it is a worship of God the most high
And he figured it out

So he improved, and as a person of faith
He was righteous yet not crazy or backward in the head
He did preach to worship one God

And he was devout
So one day, out of a blue
He heard angels singing, ‘God loves you’

So he got scared
Yet it was so beautiful that he shed some tears
What could this mean he wondered

Was it? yes, it was a miracle
But what did it mean
Who knew but God

So he took worship of God seriously
And he devoted more time to being good
And learning all he could

Till one day, his life went sour
Everything turned on him
And he had no power

He stayed patient and still worshipped God
And that is when he told me
He became a real prophet of God

He would not say anything about what happened
He apparently did nothing unusual
But he was now a prophet of God

So I asked him, what does God want from you now?
Do you have to go to some pharaoh or preach monotheism to the town?
Do you have a staff that turns into a snake?

He laughed and said nothing is different
Not all prophets are doing amazing things in the land
Nor do I have any mission or a miracle

Prophethood is what God loves a person so much
That he Guides them
And chooses them above others for his worship

Well, I understood that, but what did he mean by worship? I asked
So he sat me down
He said the best worship is patience at the time of suffering

He suffered and suffered until miracles started happening for him
His life is somewhat awful still, but his faith in God strengthened
And he is persevering

He said when I was a beginner, I did not know much
I did what others said was best who were religious
But then I realised that it was not the answer to our time and place

So I used my intellect and left all that
And there was no great miracle
I was no fool, and the worldly life got boring, and I got over that

So I changed, and I grew as a person
I sought out God and knowledge of him
Yet the world is evil, and everything turned on me

But that is when God turned to me with mercy
And I now know I am a prophet like the prophets of old
As miracles have happened to me, that would not make sense to any

My job is only to worship God
And preach just that to all
And be patient in adversity

So I asked, ‘how can I be a prophet of God also?’
He said he didn’t know but to take the worship of God seriously
And pursue God, and he will show you his mercy

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