A New Prophet Of God

Why be like the disbelievers and say no to prophets of God?
That is what the Quran teaches, and it is for all time,
So do not think Prophet Muhammad was the last one,
As it opens the door to those who harm those who are guided by God,

Sure, Muhammad was the last prophet of his time,
But God is eternal and guides the good to himself,
God is unlimited and can change the past, present and future,
Why is it hard to believe he can send us new prophets?

God never said Muhammad is the last prophet,
In the Quran it says he is the seal of the prophets,
What that means is that he is the sign that all others were right,
And does not mean he is like a seal when the envelope was done,

There is hadith that Muhammad said he is the last,
But there is nothing else in the preserved Quran,
The Quran says that many prophets were the first believers,
Perhaps Muhammad was saying he is the last of his time,

But what is time than a continuation,
I say the hadith does not make sense,
As it is used to justify ancient Arabian culture for the rest,
How about we put our trust in God and listen to the Quran,

As God says he sends messengers to all people and all times,
In the language that they understand,
As one of them not as angels from above,
So perhaps many messengers have come and are coming right now,

Why be deniers of guidance of God,
And harmful to the prophets of God,
Sure, we haven’t seen the miracles in the Quran from any,
But what if miracles are not needed by any,

Many get harmed by disbelievers as they do not believe,
Think what if Muslims might harm the next prophet God sends also,
Thinking that there will be no prophet after prophet Muhammad,
And act like God says some acted towards prophet Jesus,

Many prophets are called mad and false,
While none believes there will be any prophets of God in our times,
Let’s put our mind to it to not harm those we think mentally ill,
As they might be prophets of God even if mentally ill,

Let’s also put our mind to seeking God,
Perhaps all believers can become prophets of God,
The prophets were beings like us seeking guidance,
And God guided them to himself.

So, let us worship God till we become prophets.
As such a thing is easy for God,
God Guides and never has stopped guiding,
And let’s reform the world and achieve the peace of a prophet of God.

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