A Modern Prophet Of God?

Can there be a new prophet of God in our time
Muslims say not as Prophet Muhammad was the last one
Why so, they will tell you in the Quran it is written
That Muhammad was the seal of the prophets of God

What does that mean you might ask?
They do not know but make stuff up
Not knowing that means thinking of God evil
It is to say that revelation has ended, and guidance stopped

Have there been any cases of new prophets?
Some may say there have,
Perhaps there are many even right now
That receive revelation from God

If so what kind of life would they live
Many prophets did not have anything to show
Most probably did not think they were important enough to be anyone in
the world
But if they had miracles, what would their miracle be?

Not many had miracles you see,
Some probably did not know they were prophets in worldly life
But they all taught the oneness of God
And told all to worship God the most high

What would they say about the people on earth?
About animal rights, global warming, and the destruction of earth
Would they say men are better than women, I do not think so
They would say believe and worship God, like the prophets of old

But wait they will say the hadith are clear
Muhammad said that he was the last and no one will be after him
Are you sure really did he say that did you hear with your ears?
How can you be sure hadith gathered more than 200 years after is true

I ask, what if he actually said so and he was mistaking
It is not like he was a hundred percent perfect person, God is
Jesus thought he was the last messenger also
What if both were the last messengers of their time not of all times

Same as when the Quran says that Adam was the first Muslim
Then the same for Moses and Muhammad were the first Muslims
Now I ask what if all believers are prophets of God
Some higher in status than others in the sight of God

Surely God can guide after the passing of Prophet Muhammad
Please don’t limit God in your mind and make strife on earth
Can you see such people don’t believe in the power of God
They limit him to only being able to guide the idol people

And do wishful thinking to think they are the right
Yet cause mischief instead of trying to be setting things right
Think that all have to live at the time of Prophet Muhammad
Why won’t they try to become friends with God and his prophets

Why won’t they desire to be God’s own Prophet?
Perhaps you and I are prophets
Perhaps all believers are prophets
Have we set our mind to it?

Perhaps God will Guide us and give us his mercy
Give us miracles like the prophets of old
The people who deny prophets are not believers
They harm any who believes they are a prophet of God

Sure, we haven’t seen the miracles like those in the Quran
But this is the solution for our modern lives
To open up prophethood just in case God sends some
And not be deniers like the criminals in the Quran

This is the way forward, so we don’t have to live in ancient Arabia
And have problems like applying what should not be applied to our
modern lives
Sure, some might come that are misguided
But why be deniers to goodness and progress and guidance of God

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