A Conversation

When asked what are you doing in life?
A holy person answered I am looking for God,
Hopefully, I will find him merciful,
I am also hearing, feeling and thinking for God,
I am working, sleeping and eating for God,
I am enjoying worshipping God,

When asked how he is these days?
He answered I am feeling holy these days,
How is your health, I mean?
I have temporary illnesses, so I am waiting for heaven,
So how do you feel about the weather?
I like the weather as it is a creation of God he said,

So, when will you be going to heaven, the first asked?
When I come to life from this death,
The first got scared and ran away from the prayer room,
The holy man said to himself may god guide him,
He asked questions and then runs away,
Should I have given secular answers on this holy day,

Perhaps I should have said the weather is nice,
I am doing this and that to survive,
And am feeling well today,
I guess even in the prayer room one has to say secular answers,
To the deep questions of life,
Then why would he or I be here trying to worship God?

Everyone keeps asking these questions,
And they all want the same answers,
That I am seeking wealth have it good and loving life,
I think that sounds like heaven,
No Muslim takes the world as his heaven,
Yet everyone has become a secular robot.

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