Suffering or no suffering?

Some think to suffer is good,
But suffering is no good,
What is good is heaven,
Where there is no suffering,

Suffering brings trauma and misery,
is unavoidable and unnecessary,
But sometimes it is necessary,
So is it good to suffer for God?

Suffering brings happiness sometimes,
When one gains reward from hard work,
Or when one is patient and increases in faith,
So is suffering for God good?

As God forgives one’s mistakes,
And rewards with mercy,
And grants one heaven instead,
Thus suffering for God is good,

Perhaps it is necessary to suffer,
Maybe that is why there is suffering in the world,
As God wants to give compensation,
And heaven is not without effort and suffering,

Would one like to live and suffer?
Or live in luxury and not suffer?
I know what I prefer,
Perhaps you do as well,

To do worship and to believe,
And take what suffering comes my way,
As with suffering, there is always relief,
As God says in the Quran,

Perhaps there will always be suffering,
As God is the infinitely high,
And there is always a long way to go,
In Becoming better and wealthier in heaven,

I just hope God is not suffering,
And all do their utmost to be good,
But what can we do if God is suffering,
But to worship and believe in God,

Is the solution to life just to avoid suffering,
And get more mercy of God,
Or to suffer and get the mercy of God,
I guess it could be both as life is suffering and relief,

Which one is better,
It depends on the situation,
Sometimes seeking suffering sometimes relief,
As good comes from suffering a lot of times,

It always feels good to worship God,
Perhaps that is the solution to life’s questions,
To always pursue the ethical,
And always worship God.

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