Rationalism and Faith in God

Rationalism is needed for faith, but,
Perhaps God loves non-rationalists more,
As rationalists are over-reliant on their intellect,
More likely to make the error of thinking,
That they are always right,
God is the only all-knowing,
Rationalists but have limited knowledge and experience,
Not everything rationalistic knowable,
Some are less rationalistic than others,
Does not mean they are less as a person,
Rationalists sometimes don’t belong in any group,
As they think they are better,
As they think they know better,
God is incomprehensible,
Non-rationalists are closer in understanding God,
Non-rationalists know that they know not,
While rationalists think they know,
And could be wrong,
Thus, non-rationalists have more insight that they know not,
Perhaps they repent more to God therefore,
As they understand that they are deficient in knowing,
And God is perfect,
Thus, non-rationalism towards God,
Benefits faith in God.

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