Greetings in Islam – by Waseem Alkelani

In Islam, Assalamualaikum is the greeting
It is the beginning of every meeting

It is more than a world
It can change the world

It brings peace to every setting
It spreads love, it is more than greeting

Assalamualaikum is the key
To people’s hearts, it is a remedy

When you say this word with a smile
It is like taking the extra mile

Our prophet encouraged us to use this word
For us to have a peaceful world

It becomes the Muslims’ identity
To say this word and spread tranquillity

Muslims constantly use this word
To bring out the beauty of this world

No place for hatred, no place for darkness
There is only place for love and brightness

You can also try to say this word
Assalamualaikum to you and to this beautiful world.

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