End of death

Death is like birth,
A step towards,
A much better life,

Death is a cure,
For all the illnesses,
And misery of the world,

Death is forgiveness of God,
A step towards heaven,
A part of Islam,

Let’s be strong,
And grieve not when it happens,
As God is the wisest,

Death is not bad,
As there is a God,
And there is afterlife,

Death is a blessing
It is a necessity,
Death is unavoidable good,

Let’s not hate death,
But not go near it
As is evil to hasten it

Believers are in heaven,
They are more alive,
Thus, there is no death,

They should be grieving,
As we are less alive,
Have less of a life,

Yet lets respect life here,
And have a meaningful life,
And add meaning to the meaning of our lives,

As life is a test,
A test that we can prolong,
To get better marks for the next one,

Let’s not regret life,
Or get depression in our mind,
So, we live happily here,

And worship,
And worship,
For as long as it is possible here,

Let none give up,
Nor you or I give up,
As perseverance is the key to life here,

Perhaps one day,
Death will be no more,
And there will only be life in heaven,
Forever more and more,

Where every believer will be,
Forgiven and living ethically,
With belief in God,
The truly kind,

Worshiping in peace,
Achieving bliss,
Without memory,
Of death or suffering of the world,

Let’s pray and pray,
And have no doubt,
That it will come about,
As said God in the Quran.

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