Angels are high
But they do make mistakes
Like when God questioned them
And they gave the wrong answer
So, don’t think they are perfect
As only God is perfect
It was God who revealed to prophet Muhammad
Nor was the prophet perfect
Thus, Islam needs to be taken with salt
As it is possible that there is wrong within it
God expects intellect
Not naive thinking
Nor Suspension of intellect and reason
Doubt is not a good thing in God
But in all else it is necessary
For a righteous life
True people are not perfect
But they do not need to be made to believe in idols
Whether the idols be prophets, angels, or holy books
Nor will it make them good people
They should be given their rights
To think and believe as they want
And as God says truth stands clear from falsehood
And there is no compulsion in religion
That is the way of progress
For each person and everyone

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