See sex is sometimes evil
Sex should not be talked about by holy people
That is why some believers disbelieve in evolution
As sex is for the non-virgin people

The act of halal sex is high
But the very pious asexual people
Modesty a prominent sign of holy people
Sex is not the hope of believing people

Laughing is better than sexual contact
Happiness escapes the evil in sexual conduct
Virginity ignorance of life’s evil content
Unfortunately, life propagation is not the purest

Examples are given to young and old
And the poor and wealthy
But sex is for the enjoyment of the hedonistic people
Abstinence absolutely beautiful for the holy

Enjoying pray practically incomparable in pleasure
The practice of the practitioner not problem producing
Program of life pleasure for the worship of God
Provided problems perish at the practice of Islam

Please people prayers are purer
God provides patience for pious
Poverty blessing and support for people
So, take to poverty to avoid the evil of the earthly program

Better to risk one’s life for piety than lust
So no do not risk it sex is not a must
Nor is having children in life
For the worship of God is the only must

Problematic parts made less problematic
For God loves sacrifice and fasting for people
Faith so precious and significant that
Sexuality is but petty worldly stuff for people

Participation by idols promoting sexuality to people
Some just for selling to stupid people
Precise percentage of what is harming people
Harmony disrupted because of culture of wealthy people

All should practice moderation
As mental health benefits from love and attraction
The goal of life should not be such a thing
Hope in God should be the utmost thing

God is beautiful and most attractive
Other people just want their goals in life
And don’t have but problematic parts
And all will die, god the ever alive

Be grateful to the only divine
And seek not the pleasure of life
But the true pleasure therein
The worship of God the supremely attractive

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