Gold is hourly hoarded
For foolish selfish fun
God is holy
Holding existence

God is wealthy
Gold a metal
Evil are menacing
With worthless metal

Gold is old
Now wealth is on paper
Heaven is worth more
Than gold and paper

God is the King
Gold belongs to God
Glory is to him
The wealthiest ever

Wealth gains sins
As life is sinful
World evil
Participants hateful

One day the hoarded gold
Will not buy
Heaven or a home
Judgement day is near

Read the Quran
Question yourself
If God is a friend
God indeed near

God is bold
Hold on to your tear
As the weak poor
One day it will be different

The suffering, free from suffering
Heaven for the patient suffering
Seated at God’s beckoning
The true reckoning

Gold is for the world
God for the hereafter
Holy God bless us all
Grant us things for everafter

Be thankful and share
As the enjoyment of wealth
Comes to those who care
Leave no one in need
As you yourself might be
As God is most just
And gives heaven to believers in him

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