God is the truth

Terrible is myth
When not valid
Religion with teeth

Trust God but seek
Truth with evidence
To believe

High is faith in God
Purely good for
Pious believers in him

Can there be evidence
For God the unseen
Yes there is

Look, and you will see
Think, and you will perceive
Do good, and you will feel

There is harm,
In baseless inherited beliefs
Some made up by some, a terrible thing

Done for fun or harm
Gain of wealth
Power or prestige

Tall tales or truth
Technology will prove
But science has limits

And so it should
Evildoers also love science
That they can abuse

Some think knowledge all known
Knowingly arrogant and haughty
Terrible to the holy

Truth is God
Follow truth
As truthful people

Truth or tall tale
Choose one
And you’ll be chosen

As a Godly person
The other obvious corruption
An unholy person

What about science
Science no tall tale
Scientist for truth

God has the best science
God is the highest scientist
God is for science

God blesses the information
That is good scientific truth
Have faith in science

But know God is greater
Creation small and tiny
God huge and mighty

Faith much stronger
When following truth
God is truthful

Truth is God
God is truth
Be truthful people

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