Spirituality is not always good
As some concepts plain sinful
To say one is God is harmful
As God is the only God

Spirituality is mostly good
As it is necessary for worship of God
It helps one be grateful and happy
And not devolve to a bad person

Spirituality should be only for God
As then one is truly spiritual
As all other spirituality but false
As there is none worthy of worship other than God


Maximalism is to worship God,
Till you are tired and can’t worship any more,
To value worship of God above all else,
To reason through life that worship comes first,
That only worship of God is important,
And should be done no matter what,
Is to maximise ones love for God,
And the fear of God so one avoids sins,
And lives a blessed life in peace,
Maximalism is to maximise hereafter,
Rather than the world,
So one becomes successful in heaven,
By seeking God and not even heaven,
To maximise one’s worship of God is the way to go,
Join me and become a maximalist today.


Minimalism is the way to go,
With minimalism, one maximises good in life,
One gets rid of the unnecessary wealth,
And lives a life of righteousness,

With minimalism one saves the earth,
Reduces one’s consumption of unnecessary,
Looks to live with happiness,
Concentrating on the high things in life,

Minimalism is simpleness and modesty,
In dress, ownership and wealth,
True minimalists donate to poor,
And live a better life without big wealth,

Minimalism is about being mini in life,
And maxi for the hereafter,
But I think that is not totally minimalism,
So I call what it is now secular minimalism,

As believers, we should be secular minimalists,
And worship of God maximisers,
Thus we will be successful,
That is what I see is in the Quran.


Judgement day is near
Repent to God
If you are a believer
Speak right words
Make changes needed
Seek forgiveness
Change your path
To lead a believer’s life
If you are not there yet
God is forgiving
God can forgive
God is all able
God is the best believer
God will reward righteousness
Be devout and worship
Without doubt


God is the best friend of poor people,
God loves them so much that,
God guides them to faith in himself,
God’s believers go to heaven after the here and now,
they don’t just live in here and now in their mind but also in hereafter,
that is why they are happy and at peace all the time,
God’s believers go straight to heaven,
only good people in the sight of God are his believers,

Questions for heaven

Have you done your 5 daily prayers?
Have you fasted from something evil today?
Have you given charity that you can give?
Have you repented for your mistakes?
Have you learned to be a better person today?
Have you gained Islamic knowledge today?
Have you thought how you can worship God today?
Have you worshipped God today?

A Conversation

When asked what are you doing in life?
A holy person answered I am looking for God,
Hopefully, I will find him merciful,
I am also hearing, feeling and thinking for God,
I am working, sleeping and eating for God,
I am enjoying worshipping God,

When asked how he is these days?
He answered I am feeling holy these days,
How is your health, I mean?
I have temporary illnesses, so I am waiting for heaven,
So how do you feel about the weather?
I like the weather as it is a creation of God he said,

So, when will you be going to heaven, the first asked?
When I come to life from this death,
The first got scared and ran away from the prayer room,
The holy man said to himself may god guide him,
He asked questions and then runs away,
Should I have given secular answers on this holy day,

Perhaps I should have said the weather is nice,
I am doing this and that to survive,
And am feeling well today,
I guess even in the prayer room one has to say secular answers,
To the deep questions of life,
Then why would he or I be here trying to worship God?

Everyone keeps asking these questions,
And they all want the same answers,
That I am seeking wealth have it good and loving life,
I think that sounds like heaven,
No Muslim takes the world as his heaven,
Yet everyone has become a secular robot.

Like an Angel

Why are you modest and shy,
There is no shame in your form and desires,
In your body, there is no fault,
Why do you oppress yourself so?

Well, I answer, but you might not like,
For if you are like an angel you would want to hide,
All the animalistic possessions that you do have,
And oppress all your bad behaviour and desires within.

But if I was not an angel
I would perhaps see no shame in these,
And they would be my prized possessions and what I would seek,
So if I had them, I would flaunt for I would know nothing better,
But I am like an angel, and I know better.


Ya Allah, Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim
Make him appear in my dream
Let him talk to me for hours,
The dearly beloved Prophet of ours.

Muhammad is an example for all mankind,
The beauty of his soul, could be seen even by the blind.
Allah made him caring,
He made him loving,
He made him honest,
He made him modest.
He gave him the most beautiful of manners.

He never gave up
Even at the hardest times
He faced a lot of challenges
But Allah was always in his heart and mind.

Peace be upon him
Ya Allah Rabbil alamin
He taught us Your way
May we InshaAllah meet in Jannah one day.

Rationalism and Faith in God

Rationalism is needed for faith, but,
Perhaps God loves non-rationalists more,
As rationalists are over-reliant on their intellect,
More likely to make the error of thinking,
That they are always right,
God is the only all-knowing,
Rationalists but have limited knowledge and experience,
Not everything rationalistic knowable,
Some are less rationalistic than others,
Does not mean they are less as a person,
Rationalists sometimes don’t belong in any group,
As they think they are better,
As they think they know better,
God is incomprehensible,
Non-rationalists are closer in understanding God,
Non-rationalists know that they know not,
While rationalists think they know,
And could be wrong,
Thus, non-rationalists have more insight that they know not,
Perhaps they repent more to God therefore,
As they understand that they are deficient in knowing,
And God is perfect,
Thus, non-rationalism towards God,
Benefits faith in God.