Steps to Heaven

Step one, the sad thing about life is that
You are mistaken, yet you think you are right
But you will only find out if you worship God instead

Step two, the funny thing about life is that
You can be more right, yet you don’t know it yet
But you will find out and laugh at yourself instead

Step three, the hilarious thing about life is that
You are right yet you don’t know it yet
But you will find out and laugh at yourself instead

Step four, the high thing about life is that
You are correct, and you know it
So you will laugh in heaven instead

Step five, the superior thing is that God is correct
And we will find it by worshipping God
And then God will forgive us for our wrong
Then we will enter heaven

So think about right and wrong
And take the five steps to be loved by God
They are monotheism,
Worship of God,
Religious knowledge,
Faith with certainty,
And complete reliance on God.

All the Time

Day and night, God is the holy one
Observe his signs
And worship all the time

Fast Ramadan
But do not over burden yourself or anyone
God loves the holy and the patient one

Pray on time
Do face God and praise him
The holy and high one

Take your time to bear witness
That God is one
And he sends messengers to all in kind

Do pilgrimage to the holy sites
To see that the stories are all
True and high

Pay your alms
To the poor and needy that is right
These are the five pillars of Islam

Read the Quran
God is watching all from above
So be right in righteousness for
God the holy one


Work is to worship God
Work is a form of charity
And should be taken as a form of charity
The money gained should also be used as charity
For self and loved ones and those in need
Who are the loved ones of God
For they might not be able to give charity to others
Nor to themselves or their loved ones
But a little or suffer death for lack of money
So, love those God loves
For money is only good as charity
And work should be done to worship God

Islam Is to Worship God

To be Muslim is a blessing of God
Is Islam the pursuit of copying a prophet?
Or anyone else that is holy
Nay, it is to worship God
To be peaceful and at peace
In the worship of God
All the time in all places
Regardless of culture or environment
To do good for God any way possible
And to respect others yet God more
To respect the holy yet God more

What is Worship of God?

What is worship of God
Is it to harm oneself and think God is pleased?
Nay God is good and wants ease for people
As written in the Quran
It is to please God doing what is pleasing to God
All the time and in all ways
To not overdo a thing nor to neglect a thing
To prostrate but not too much
To rest when one is tired
To fast and when it becomes difficult to break the fast
To not become extreme in doing something
But to be good and do things that are good all the time
It is when one does good for the pleasure of God
And only God for only he is worthy of worship
To not harm any and hold everyone innocent until found guilty
And to know no one is truly guilty until the day of judgement
To love God and to not do bad throughout life
And to make repentance when one has made regrettable deed
The meaning of worship is to please God
And to love God and increase the love
So that God loves you and forgives you
Guides you and rewards you