Commentary on the Quran

If I were to write a commentary of Quran
What would it be?
Be it long or short?
Poetic or analytical?
We are all writing one
Whether we know or not
Through life we all going to publish snippets
By deeds and thoughts
And the whole we will realise one day
And that we made a mess of it in some parts
But we will realise there was more to the Quran
It was knowledge of God
That we tried to live by
Whether successful or not
So best to say God knows best
And ask for the insight from God himself


Islam is not an idol
Not a system to worship
To praise and to seek
God should be sought
Not the religion
Not a utopia of Islam
But an adobe of love
Nay just worship of God
But what is Islam but that
To worship God only
To be devout for God
Not to make an ideal world
As the world is broken
And it will not be fixed
Till the day of judgement
Which is written in the Quran