Just a sign – by Leudrita Mustafa

Back in the day,
When I had no guideline
I used to say,
“Oh God, give me a sign”
I waited and waited,
And didn’t see a thing,
That’s how another day went,
Waiting what tomorrow will bring.
“Just a sign”,
So I know You are real,
“Just a sign”
Nothing, still.

And then one day,
Someone said to me,
“You have eyes, but you cannot see,
You have ears, but you cannot hear,
Because God’s signs are everywhere,
The sky, the sun, the Earth, the air,
Is this not enough for you,
Do you need any more proof?
To prove that God is One,
How many more signs do you want?”

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” (Ar-Rahman)


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