True success

Ask not yourself what would Muhammad do?
or what would Jesus or Moses do?
Ask yourself what would you do if you were a Prophet of God
know that you cannot be any of the idols of the past or present
but you can be the good version of you and like a prophet

The aim therefore is not to be like any idol
but to be the most ethical person you can be in the sight of God
The aim is not to do what is normal or what is permissible
the aim is to be abnormally good
to choose the best option of the permissible

the goal is not death and afterlife
it is to live a life of aliveness in worship of God
the goal is achievable everywhere as God is near
the way is clear it is already known
It is the way of using your reason and doing what God would love

To do worship is to love God and to fear him
whether that is to do science, arts, or humanities
with worship of God in life you draw near to him
and gradually you realise success was not hard
to live life near to God is the true success

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