It’s a new day – by Yousuf Rafi

Open your eyes and praise your Lord; it’s a new day.
Banish the worries of the past; it’s a new day.
Go fulfill your dreams; serve a cause or help someone in need.
You are alive because you are worthy of today.
Don’t let the future haunt you; instead, work hard in the present.
ALLAH woke you today for a purpose.
There will be twists & turns, sadness & sorrow, but all will be gone with a new day.
Every day, ALLAH will test you and make you stronger.
You can either lie down and curse the world; or go out and change the world.
Let the naysayers speak. Just do your best and leave the rest on your Lord.
When you feel like life is about to end, remember that there is light at the end.
Do you know why things will turn out well?
It’s because the best writers wrote your story.
It’s a new day, a new hope, and it’s your chance to prove everyone wrong.
It’s your life. Only you have the power to change it.

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