Call, call, call on God
Call on God for your Guidance
Guide, Guide, Guide me God
God hears the call
And hopefully will Guide you aright

Know, know, know God is wise
He answers the caller if they believe and love God
He does not like the caller for worldly gain
So be wise, wise, wise
And call, call, call on God for your Guidance
To worship of God the High

High, high, high is God
He guides to himself
And grants one everlasting life
To worship, worship and worship God
The only one worthy of worship
Forever past present and future
The only God

Glory, glory, glorified be God
The creator, the evolver
The holy and kind
Fine, fine, fine is life
When one worships and submits
To the ever-loving loyal God

Laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh
But laugh for God is the most high
And we all need Guidance and love
From God the supreme and wise

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