A Story About Dabby, Sandy and Patry

Dabby: Time…
time, time, don’t have time
much of it running away all the time
Sandy: then worship the one who created time
and ask for time to have more time
to worship the Creator of all that exists including time

Dabby: time, time, Have more time
tell me how to have even more time
Sandy: time is for worship not for having time
time is precious to all, all the time
have the time to trust that you have the time
then worship God all the time

Dabby: wait all the time?
Sandy: time, time all the time
people make the mistake
and don’t worship all the time
to not have time for He who is wealthiest in time
the one who gives and takes all the time

Dabby: dime, dime, don’t have a dime
I worshiped till I ran out of all the dimes
Sandy: I will give the dime and the time
come with me we will have a good time all the time
Dabby: I have to get more dimes, but I have the time
I am falling behind everyone at this time
Sandy: you are ahead, and you are wealthy
now God is your friend and his is all dimes and time
Dabby: but how am I going to get any dimes
I am not wealthy I am dirt poor all the time
Sandy: be patient now you have time to worship God
soon you will be wealthy to spend on worshiping God

Dabby: but I don’t need money to worship God I need money to have time for wait
I have enough money and time to worship God but how about
I don’t know, things of the worldly kind
Sandy: time, time, the time will come just be patient
for God has all things in heaven all the time
and they are for the patient worshiper at this time

Dabby: heaven, heaven, I have heaven all the time
you gave me time, money and then heaven
I worshiped God and he gave me heaven
I have heaven in my life and no time to waste
tell me how do I become better friends with God
Sandy: just worship God and he will love you even more

Dabby: I asked for heaven and I got what I wanted
not time or money or heaven did I need
I needed to worship God that is the real heaven you see
now I will spread this heaven of mine
and try to make the world into a heaven of a kind
by helping all worship God the supremely kind

Patry: time, time I have no time
Dabby: worship God and you will get better than time
heaven instead of time
Patry: sure I will die
but at least I will have had wealth
and not missed out on time, wait I have no time
Dabby: you will want time and then wealth then heaven
but more likely you will run out of time trying to get more time
Patry: what if I get heaven
and live happily ever after
Dabby: heaven can’t be found here without worship of God
I have tried and have no money but I have peace of mind

Patry: Time, time, I have no time
I have to get more wealth to prove I have heaven
now that I have more wealth, I still have no heaven
I will donate a little and then I will definitely have heaven
see I have heaven now everyone I make everyone happy
I am the most kind

Dabby: Instead of heaven you guided him to worship himself
you are poor he’s wealthy has time and seem to
have heaven instead
Sandy: he does not have heaven instead
God has heaven we all are trying our best
tell him to worship God and he will have God as a friend

Dabby: God loves those who worship him
give away wealth and time and worship God the truly kind
for God is the wealthiest and the most kind
Patry: but I have heaven and you have no wealth
how do you know more than me?
did you not see me seek time and work while you played?

Dabby: I played not but worshiped God
I have heaven because of God I want for you the same
Patry: I want for you the same!
I will rather spend the time in sleep and show you who is more great
has heaven and the rest who is the supreme

So, the third slept and got up not.
Then came death and all three died.
Then I know not but I have heard
that people who worship God
live in heaven for all time
and so, it has spread far and wide
and I tell you the story to worship God.

Reading Quran

Read read
Read the Quran
Have you read the part where
You should read it again
Because it is high stuff

High high
High is God
Read his words
And keep reading
till you go to the everlasting life

praise praise
praised be God
for sending the Quran
to us, so we can
read read and read
his holy words
forever more and more

Worship God, not Muhammad


belief in him is what Islam is


to live your life for him is a high thing


have to do good for his mercy


have to earn his mercy to go to heaven


owner of all that there is


wants you to think and use your brain


wants good deeds without giving specifics


wants you to worship him



don’t worship him


don’t live your life for him


there are other believers than him


not the highest believer

God is


Search for true Islam

One cannot do wrong
and go to heaven because of it
or suspend one’s intellect and judgment
while the correct path is clear

go on a quest to just worship God
separate from belief in Muhammad
believe only in good parts of the Quran
don’t do evil by belief in other than God

worship and seek love of God
then you will have bliss of faith in God
religion is incredibly good if it is just belief in God
you can believe in God

try to be an archangel of God
God is all able, God can Love you like a friend
so be good and have hope in only God
there is none like God the unlimited

Search and you will find, true Islam is worship of God
To be good for God and not idols
whether they are held to be holy by Muslims or Non-Muslims
whether they be Quran or Muhammad or any other idol

God is divine

He is the holy
the only
he is the high

He is the pious
the supreme
his is the might

Forever is he
the one worthy of praise
not photos not poems

nay nor you or I
God is the answer
the one and only God

the one above the throne
the creator of all
the hearer of your call

so prostrate and praise
The God most high
His is the dominion
Of all that is sublime

He is the divine
He teaches in the Quran
So try and be good
And Have faith
In God the most high

The cure is fasting

When in anger and troubles with faith
do good deeds till you find peace
reject frustration by prevention
prevent by patience and trust in God
when in frustration do not seek worldly gain
have patience seek doing good deeds
be fearless there is life in hereafter
fast from worldly gain and seek God
then you will have peace

Love and do

love your neighbor
love yourself
love your brother and sister
love your friends
love the Quran
love the prayer
love only God and you will have
loved all the good things ever

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you
Do onto Muslims better than yourself to you
Do onto God what he deserves
Total submission in worship for all the time ever

Say no evil to any
Say no bad to few
Say only good to all
And say the best to God
Then you would have said the best of all

Think not ugly
Think not cute
Think this is a chance
To worship God the true

Think and think
say and do
love and love
God the purely good

Mercy of God

The funny thing about life is that
you can be more right
yet you don’t know it yet
but you will find out
and laugh at yourself instead

God is the perfect you and I are not
He is more right
yet we know not now
But we will all find out
And hopefully laugh not cry
For God is the merciful

So laugh and laugh we will
When he forgives all
And will find him to be
the knowing of all
the merciful lord
the one who laughs at us
from above his throne

so laugh and laugh right now
as he is more right
and you and I wrong
beyond all doubt
he is the merciful
and we will all find out
so laugh and laugh
as you and I have somewhat found out

Submission to God

don’t say, do, think and believe what you feel like
unless you feel like saying, doing, thinking, and believing what God likes
be what God is be pleased with
one submitted to God

don’t have faith when you feel like
unless you feel like having faith all the time for God
but have faith that God will be pleased with
like one submitted to God

Islam is about submission to God
so be pleased that you are of those submitted to God
and read and reread this poem
till your heart finds peace in submission to God

Life is about peace

life is not about fun or good deeds
it is about worship of God

not about success or failure
but how good you have been towards God

not about how much you have done
but your purity of heart

nor about I of any kind
but it is all about God the most high

Tremendous is God the counter of deeds
As much weight as he wants

So give not into evil by thinking yourself poor
As he is rich and all capable you see

All depend on him for power
And all need forgiveness from him

And all will lose in worldly life
Except God the most high

So have peace and more peace
For life is about peace and love with God