Love the process of evolution,

Hate the deity called ‘evolution’,

apparently, God did nothing, and you did it all,

With utter disbelief I call your divinity false.

To some, you run the world by luck and chance,

yet they are names for our own ignorance.

To some you run it through natural selection not chance,

but, wait what a lie for mutations are from random chance.

To think this is God’s replacement, the highest truth,

isn’t that arrogance, isn’t that true?



Friendship with God

Friendship with the one and only God
would it be obedience
or be it kindness with love
it is not about you or me at all
it is about God

he draws near to ones he loves
worship day and night
he will become more beloved
than you to yourself
and you will find yourself transformed

that is the meaning of Islam
not anything but growth
and be in union with the one you love
it is but a mercy from God that you exist
and can be friends with the most beloved

neglect not your chance with anger
and bad words as he is all hearing
and hates evil more than all
give your time and life and live
a righteous life of worship of God

Don’t give into the temptation of wealth
As God loves the poor and austere in life
Don’t spend time is luxury and comfort
God loves the one who avoids worship of wealth
Be loyal to God and seek his friendship
He will repay with loyalty and love.

A strict monotheist

be a strict monotheist
do not give into polytheism
do not even say there might be
or I will try to find another God

be a strict monotheist
guard your tongue
get angry not
and curse not yourself by saying wrong

be a strict monotheist
speak no evil to God
by attributing to him wrong
seek refuge in him from the most wrong

be a strict monotheist
and repent to God
as he hears
and can forgive all wrong.

Yearning for heaven

Shed feathers of sorrow
Grow wings of love
Some waiting for hair to grow
Some worshiping God
I fear for the day I fly not

Day will come worry not
You will find God the most kind
Just hope you made faith more pure
And worshiped God enough

He is the most forgiving one
Fly and do good for life is not a miserable one
And be glad that you love God
For life has ups and downs
Heaven is for the pious ones

Islamic knowledge

Sell your cleverness and buy some awe,
Then knowledge you will be traded for no price at all,
But when you are rich, you will still be a beggar,
Blaming the thief once your friend called time the nagger,
But don’t give up forever young is science,
Pursue knowledge to the grave if you must,
For even if the thief leaves you utterly bankrupt,
Your awe will remain in humanities heart forever incorrupt

Forever is not what humanity is,
And if time leaves you bankrupt, did you have time to worship God?
Or did you go corrupt?
Will you be remembered as a fool or a knowledgeable person by your acts?

Trade your worldly life for awe of God,
Then Islamic knowledge you will be given for no price at all,
But when you are rich in knowledge you will still be a poor person by choice,
As God loves those who are simple in life,
God is near, so pursue Islamic knowledge forever if you must,
For even if the life of the world leaves you utterly bankrupt,
There is heaven for those who believe in God,
And your worship will remain with God forever incorrupt.

Which is better remembrance of you by humanity or God?
And which is better the remembrance of humanity or God by you?
I choose God the awe-inspiring clever one, the creator of all
But I understand that there is no conflict between science and Islam


Islam teaches patience
Patience is a key to heaven

Fasting is a part of patience
So is Devine decree

God teaches patience
And is with the patient

Patience brings faith
Patients makes one compassionate

Patience makes one realise that God is not bad
With patience God eliminates the evil

With Patience God gives people good deeds
For their worldly and hereafter lives

God is purely good and patient
For the patient is one of God’s names