Our life

High ways and low ways
Islam Always
patience now days
Dreams high place
worship God days
nights be raised
piety praise
hope in God
truly crazed,

now days be loved
regretful deeds buried in the past
Future set to side
saved for worship of God
the most beloved,

packed bags and hoping
surely devils crying
beloved to God is the goal
behold Islam for show
sincerity evermore,

Islam does bring peace
Does it please
angelic beings?
For sure it satisfyingly fills
angles sing satiety of the supreme,

Nay all must be hungry
thirsty screaming
for God is pleasing
worship unending
truly fulfilling,

love of things fleeting
life escaping
desire of things
disgusting, dreaming
God is the key
the lock our hearts
open us to your love
the most kind God
save us from this worldly life
grant us heaven and your love.