A Religion of Love and Forgiveness – By Waseem Alkelani

Islam is a religion of love
Islam is a religion of peace

It teaches us to forgive
It teaches us to perceive

Islam preaches us to be considerate
And not to judge people instead

It preaches us to be patient and wise
And for fights not to rise

If you listen to your brothers
If you understand their problems

If you speak nicely to them
If you express your sympathy with them

You will be rewarded by Allah
With peace and Jannah

You will be rewarded in life first
It will be like the results of a test

You will win people’s hearts
And you shall win Allah’s gifts

Allah shall give you peace inside
Allah can make your life bright

In every situation, try to do these things
Remember that hatred is one of the terrible sins

To love is an advantage, not many can do
If people can forgive, why can’t you?

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