Love Love

You must love love,
For the love of love you love,
And love loves you,
So do its lovers love you,
For love always loves its lover,
And love does not love
Except a lover,
For you love this that you love it all,
In love with love no love you waste at all,

Me I hate hate,
And I hate the hatred of hate,
And hate hates me,
So its haters hate me,
For hate always hates its hater,
And hate does not hate
Except its hater,
For I hate not this that I hate not at all,
Hating hate no hate I spare at all,

Therefore your love must equal my hate,
For you accept love and I reject hate,
If you lend me some of your love
that I may love my hatred of hate,
But I will not lend you some hate
To hate love no way!

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