Love of God

If love was a seed
its sun mercy
its soil peace,
and the heart’s breeze
brought it seas
of hopes and bliss.

So it grows with speed
to the delights of the sights
to something unseen,
its serenity sinking in hearts
its voice rejoiceful and sweet
its form satisfyingly at peace.

Yet its roots selfishly consuming
the joke-less evils and pains
and the heart’s deepest darkest states,
who can be the sower?
Who else, but the Supreme!
And the plant’s name can’t be
but submission to him!

heaven be peace and serenity
secret and sound all surrender
sweet and safe for all eternity
blissful success for the holy

success is in God
to worship one God
the God most high
the true and kind
the one who exists
more real than me
for non-exist but Him
worship is sweet
worship is peace
forever worship will be
For God the supreme!

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