A Religion of Love and Forgiveness – By Waseem Alkelani

Islam is a religion of love
Islam is a religion of peace

It teaches us to forgive
It teaches us to perceive

Islam preaches us to be considerate
And not to judge people instead

It preaches us to be patient and wise
And for fights not to rise

If you listen to your brothers
If you understand their problems

If you speak nicely to them
If you express your sympathy with them

You will be rewarded by Allah
With peace and Jannah

You will be rewarded in life first
It will be like the results of a test

You will win people’s hearts
And you shall win Allah’s gifts

Allah shall give you peace inside
Allah can make your life bright

In every situation, try to do these things
Remember that hatred is one of the terrible sins

To love is an advantage, not many can do
If people can forgive, why can’t you?

The reading of Quran – by Leudrita Mustafa

How long has it been
Since I read Quran?
Was it last month,
Or since Ramadan?
I have placed it somewhere on my shelf,
And I keep reminding myself,
I should read again
To feel free, from all this pain.
My heart craves to read God’s word,
But I catch myself getting busy with this world.

The Quran’s cover has turned dusty,
And my soul has turned rusty.
When I finally pick it up
There is nothing that can stop me,
From finally feeling free,
Because all the words are dedicated to me.
The words are dedicated to you too,
As long as you read it with your heart,
Not only going through.

Repentance – by Leudrita Mustafa

This is the sign you have been looking for
Do not wait any more.

Who promised you tomorrow?
The day is today
Do not wait to be filled with more sorrow.

It doesn’t matter how many days have passed by,
From the last time you fell in sujood with tears in your eyes,
He is always there,
Waiting for you to come back to Him,
It is not too late, as long as you are still living
Because He is Al Ghaffar, the Repeatedly Forgiving

He forgives, as long as you repent,
So REPENT! Before you turn to dust.
Repent, because this dunya is nothing,
But an illusion filled with lust.

A gift for you – By Waseem Alkelani

Islam is a word
but It has a big meaning for believers around the world

It is simply a lifestyle
that you need to think about for a while

About it you can read and study
And follow the path of those who were lucky

Who managed to realize the truth of this light
By leaving hatred and spite

We say that it is a style of life
Because Islam teaches us how to live thankfully in this life

It teaches us love, passion, respect and forgiveness
It teaches us other qualities such as humbleness

I invite you to read about this religion
And I am sure that it will get your attention

I am writing these words
For you to open these doors

Because I do care about you
I bring the whole world to you

Women Rights Given by God – Maryam Nasrullah

Rights for People
Become the voice of People
Liberalism is urging feminism
Campaigns of rights: Campaigns of Womanism

Liberals hold primary rights; theirs discovery
Rights of women lie in society from the century
Rights of Livings furnished by God
Girls are a blessing; told by the Lord

Let them breathe; don’t bury their identity
Will establish thy world and grant felicity
Give them Right of life and the property
Granted by God, Quran, Islam, and Society

Prophet saved them from perishing
Rights were given to make it cherishing
Rights of women- not an act of liberality
Came as their elementary right of sustainability


Quran you will find a treasure there in
So deep that takes years to get an idea of the truth within
After that still you will discover
All sorts of gems you never knew existed
Lay just in front of your eyes
Gems of truth of miracles of insight
To your reality that is now transformed
To that of near heaven.
Because you took the time
And decided to open your heart to God
By picking up the Quran
Like the many of past and present
So welcome to the truth
Of burdens truly removed
No longer you are blind and dumb to God
Now you are a holy person
You have time for enjoyment
The enjoyment of the treasure of the world
So, tell that friend of yours
To pick up the Quran


Animal and human sitting up a tree
Who is human, God knows he is the Supreme

None of them are human, just animals you see
The tree of life just has animals no humans ever there will be

So, treat yourself and others including animals with care
As God does not think of one as a human if one does not take care

Whether you believe, other is human or animal
It might be the opposite to what you think
And take care and know that God is the supreme

The way of Muhammad

Follow the way of Muhammad
But follow it when the way is right
And know that God is the best judge as to right and wrong
And Muhammad never claimed he was God.

He was a messenger, like the messengers of old
He wasn’t an angel or higher than all the angels
Muhammad was no perfect robot, nor are angels you see
Everyone of them a person worshiping the lord
The God of the world the supreme.


Belief is a work in progress in the mind
Therefore, one cannot say one believes and that is it
It is complete
As it is not
One should be saying I want to believe
And I hope I believe more and more
As only God fully and truly believes in Himself
So does not make sense to say
I am a believer, and I cannot believe anymore
That is where belief ends, and the opposite begins.

Names of God

The best names belong to God
God is high
God is one
God is holy
God is kind
God is peace
God is good
God is forever
God is right now
God is everywhere
God is powerful
Check your religion
By checking your deeds and belief
If you have corruption in there
Your definition of God will not be
Of the best names belong to God
Therefore, your religion needs improvement
No matter what you call it
God is the centre of everything
With corruption in this perspective
There is corruption at your core